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Fontainebleau Fun Bloc, Escalade-Bouldering

Jingo Wobbly


Fun Bloc - Fontainebleau Volume 1 (7500 problems), is now enjoying its 4th edition, and includes full circuit and problem updates. It is an extremely well established photo topo style guidebook to the very best and most popular areas of the forest, (Vol 2 Top Secret, covers an additional 9000 problems situated in the quiet areas of the Fontainebleau Forests]. Fun Bloc uses a unique style that includes over 1600 photo topos, which makes instantly recognising the problems a delight. Combined with maps and graphics, it is a truly definitive guidebook to all of the major areas it covers (1a-8c). This book will appeal to every level of climber, and particularly groups of boulderers that are of mixed ability who all want to climb in the same general area. It also suits perfectly, boulderers visiting 'Bleau' for the first time who want easy recognition of boulders and problems. It has been designed to work with little use of language, since all of the problems are colour coded and easily identifiable. Fun Bloc has a giant overview map, plus individual area maps to show the best access routes for those carrying giant crash pads. 18 kids circuits are included, along with the best toddler-buggy access routes, and good family picnic spots etc.

The design of Fun Bloc is simple. Every single boulder has been perfectly mapped for this book, making this level of detail is totally unique. All of the popular and recognisable boulders are highlighted in green, and feature as full photo topos with all lines marked, problem names and grades. The photography for this book has taken many years to capture, and is constantly updated to show all of the boulders in the best possible illustrative light, (with now over 50,000 images in the Jingo Wobbly archives). The graphics show all of the grade variations possible on problems, and even illustrate which holds are in or out. The book has been edited by local climbers who regularly climb up to 8c, and reflects the full beta of the forest by climbers who know it inside out. Whilst the 1st edition remains a collectors classic to these timeless boulders, the tiny grade adjustments and circuit changes of this new edition will be tremendously helpful to those new in the forest.

26 principal areas are covered in 100% detail, featuring every possible climbing problem from 1a up to 8c.
18 individual children's circuits are fully illustrated bloc to bloc.

48 outcrop maps illustrate the exact location of over 7500 boulder problems - all colour coded and graded.

115 Fontainebleau circuits are fully covered in the book.

Details for all local campsites and supermarkets are included.
There are over 80 superb action photos which feature throughout the book to give it a very enticing feel.

This book is dual language - in both French and English

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Cordee Code: CCE395
Author: David Atchison-Jones
No of Pages: 320
Page Size: 151 x 210 mm
ISBN 10: 1873665156
ISBN 13: 9781873665152
Publisher: Vision Poster Company
Published Date: May 2018
Edition: revised reprint 2022
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: Colour photos and topos
Weight: 632g

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