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Cordee outdoor books maps guides mountains
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Ultimate Navigation Manual: All the Techniques you need to

Become an Expert Navigator.


All the techniques you need to become an expert navigator. The Ultimate Navigation Manual is a unique guide to finding your way on land -- from the basic principles right up to the advanced technology of GPS. Designed to allow even the absolute beginner to find their way anywhere in the world, it also develops a unique confidence in navigation -- with or without technical aids.
With a preface by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, contents will also include: Environmental clues -- Using the natural environment to navigate Maps -- An introduction to the different types of maps The Compass and North -- How compasses work, how to use them and how to choose the right one Map and Compass Navigation -- twenty-five easy-to-learn skills are described Relocation Procedures -- What to do when lost, dealing with well-known relocation procedures and some ground-breaking new ones Stellar Navigation -- Simple methods that are easy to learn GNSS (GPS) Navigation -- Why Global Satellite Navigation Systems are the most signific

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Cordee Code: CTC207
Author: Lyle Brotherton
No of Pages: 368
Page Size: 135 x 216 mm
ISBN 10: 0007424604
ISBN 13: 9780007424603
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published Date: September 2011
Edition: 1st , Sep-2011
Weight: 720g

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