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The Hunter-Gatherer Way

Putting Back The Apple


The Hunter-Gatherer Way is about the adventures the author had after she finished walking around the world. It begins with the journey she made with some Aboriginal women in North West Australia where she learned a kind of logic we've long forgotten in Britain and when she returned to the UK, she applied what they'd taught her. After 10 years of work, she realised she'd discovered the lost route we used as hunter-gatherers in Britain.

The discovery of how we actually fit into nature in every season is having an amazing effect on people: they express how deeply this is touching their soul, opening their eyes to the lost world around us and the missing link they've always been looking for. It was the same for the author, with every discovery, she felt a huge "aha!" moment as her understanding of our rightful place in the world suddenly opened up and developed into a whole new sphere; sphere after sphere.

Campbell was also determined to find out what had happened to us to separate us from the way of life we must have loved so much. After 15 years of piecing together the fragments of knowledge left in our myths and legends and cultural history, she finally worked it out.

This book is the starting point for your own journey of discovery, to show you how to find the lost heavens of our lives, and how to open up your intuitive thinking to a level that only you, as a hunter-gatherer, can do.

This is the long awaited fourth book of bestseller Ffyona Campbell, author of: On Foot Through Africa (Orion); The Whole Story, a walk around the world (Orion); Feet of Clay (Orion).

Ffyona was the first woman to walk around the world. Ray Mears accompanied her during some of the most dangerous months of her walk through Africa. In his newly released autobiography (My Outdoor Life) he spends 3 chapters describing how these experiences shaped his life and contributed to the man he has become. Ffyona covered 32,000 kilometres (20,000 miles) over 11 years and raised 180,000 for charity.

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Cordee Code: CTC225
No of Pages: 136
Page Size: 146 x 210 mm
ISBN 10: 0957540809
ISBN 13: 9780957540804
Publisher: Wild Food Publishing
Published Date: November 2012
Edition: Jan 2016 edition
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: b&w drawings
Weight: 240g

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