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Exploring Greenland - Jim Gregson

20 Years of Adventure Mountaineering in the Great Arctic Wil


Within the pages of Exploring Greenland author Jim
Gregson shares narratives of adventures and experiences
lived in the impressive landscapes of the great Arctic
wilderness. This is a land where areas still exist unvisited
by humans and where the cycle of the seasons has revolved
through aeons unobserved.

The Arctic, along with other polar regions, is under
threat from climate change. This striking book, beautifully
illustrated with over 100 colour photographs, shows
unequivocally what a precious wilderness the world could
lose if the trends in global warming continue unabated.
Alongside a rich and throught provoking text, the images
captured here are a treasure chest of environmental jewels.
If rare places like these are despoiled or lost, it wont just
be the wildlife which suffers; the world will be a poorer
place for all of mankind.

Jim Gregson has made many expeditions to Greenland,
making many first ascents of unclimbed peaks and ranking
amongst Britains most experienced Arctic mountaineers. His message in Exploring Greenland is one of conservation,
and in these pages he shows us what we should strive to
protect. Open these pages not to read tales of conquest but
rather to learn of congress with the wild world.

Gregson had a lengthy career as a schoolteacher,
and throughout his life an even longer (and continuing)
avocation as an alpinist and ski mountaineer. He has
walked and climbed extensively in the mountains of
Britain and very widely across the European Alps and
Pyrenees. He is also a frequent traveller to the mountains
of Norway as a telemark-style ski mountaineer.
As the pages of Exploring Greenland reveal, he has also
made many expeditions to Greenland, making many first
ascents of unclimbed peaks and ranking amongst Britains
most experienced Arctic mountaineers. He is also a prolific
photographer. His writing and pictures have appeared in
numerous magazines and in the prestigious pages of the
Alpine Journal and the American Alpine Journal.

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Cordee Code: CNE072
No of Pages: 160
Page Size: 260 x 190 mm
ISBN 10: 1906148090
ISBN 13: 9781906148096
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
Published Date: September 2012
Edition: 1 ed , Sep-2012
Binding: Hardback
Illustrations: Full colour photos
Weight: 700g

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