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Ararat is a breathtaking journey along the fault-line between religion and science a pilgrimage by a non-believer that takes Frank Westerman to Mount Ararat where as biblical tradition has it Noah's Ark ran aground and God made his covenant with mankind. Mount Ararat is now a geographical political and cultural crossroads bound up with the centuries-old history of warfare between different cultures in this region.As Westerman stands at its foot it poses both a physical and a religious challenge: where is the God from my children's bible? Who or what has taken his place? Can one free oneself of a religious upbringing? He meets geologists priests and on the mountain's high slopes an expedition in search of the Ark's remains. And also a Russian astronaut who observes that 'there is something between heaven and earth about which we humans know nothing'. "Ararat" is a dazzling highly personal book about science religion and all that lies between by one of Europe's most celebrated young writers."

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Cordee Code: CNA309
Author: Frank Westerman & Sam Garrett
No of Pages: 240
Page Size: 144 x 220 mm
ISBN 10: 1846550890
ISBN 13: 9781846550898
Publisher: Harvil Secker
Published Date: August 2008
Edition: 1st , Aug-2008
Binding: Hardback
Weight: 370g

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