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Ageless Strength

Strong and Fit for a Lifetime


Ageless Strength shows athletes and active people the three ways they can counteract the effects of ageing to enjoy strength and fitness at any age and for any sport or pursuit.

It's a myth that advancing years only bring physical decline. Our bodies react the same way to training no matter how old you are. What changes is the need to focus your workouts on the right kinds of training that combat the effects of ageing.

After we cross into middle age, we are presented with three distinct physical challenges: loss of bone density, loss of muscle mass and strength, and loss of balance. Ageless Strength presents exercises that specifically target each of these challenges. Readers can easily follow the color-coded exercise routines or design their own strength program knowing that they are beating back the years. Using functional exercises and minimal equipment (no gym required), you'll strengthen muscle, fine-tune movement patterns, and hone balance. You'll feel the difference in just two, 30-minute sessions per week.

Author Jeff Horowitz is a certified running, cycling, and triathlon coach and a personal trainer who has run more than 180 marathons and ultramarathons across six continents. Formerly an attorney, he quit law to pursue his passion for endurance sport. Horowitz is the author of Quick Strength for Runners, Smart Marathon Training, and My First 100 Marathons.

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Cordee Code: CTF147
Author: Jeff Harowitz
No of Pages: 208
Page Size: 175 x 230 mm
ISBN 10: 193771571X
ISBN 13: 9781937715717
Publisher: Velo Press
Published Date: May 2017
Edition: 1st edition, 2017
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: colour photos
Weight: 240g

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